Workshop #5 Proposal - An introduction to MISRA C:2012

Roberto Bagnara

*_Topic idea_*:
An introduction to MISRA C:2012

*_What you hope to accomplish in the session_*:
I hope to convey the basic ideas behind MISRA C:2012,
in particular that MISRA C:2012: (1) is part of
a process of which "deviations" play an important role;
(2) has little to do with bug-finding; (3) it poses great
emphasis on code readability and peer reviews.

*_Any critical participants needed for the discussion_*:
not sure

*_Estimated time needed the session_*:
30 minutes (by condensing a presentation
that usually takes twice as much).

Roberto Bagnara, Ph.D.

Member, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C Standardization Working Group
Member, MISRA C Working Group
Mobile: +39 339 8593517

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