ELISA Workshop #5 - Safety Analysis of Linux powered Open Source Medical Device

Shaun Mooney <shaun.mooney@...>


Codethink would like to do a talk about the work the medical devices group have been doing with STPA and OpenAPS at the workshop.

Topic Idea - STPA of a Linux powered Open Source Medical Device

What you hope to achieve - Demonstrate the value of STPA and top down analysis techniques for complex systems. We will show the analysis that we have been doing, highlight the strengths of a top-down, systems approach and how we go from high abstraction to software and hardware architecture level. At the end I'll probably give a very quick demonstration to how this could be applied to the Automotive Telltale use case as well.

Any critical participants - No critical. Just anybody interested in safety analysis techniques.

Estimated time - Probably medium (60 minutes)

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