Re: Maintainers Expectations vs. Maintainers Reality: An Analysis of Organisational and Maintenance Structure of the Linux Kernel

Paul Albertella

On 23/11/2020 10:14, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
So... I guess the Evidence Working Group has created yet another work
result, even without kicking off... :) Paul, I certainly appreciate if
you would like to continue the investigation of these evidence
together with me (and maybe, Ralf and Wolfgang) and future prospective
bachelor and master students.
Yes, I'd like to do that :-)

This is a good example of Process vs Policy vs Practice (see my previous post [1]), where Practice (as shown by Evidence), does not necessarily comply with a Policy (partially documented in this case by MAINTAINERS), perhaps because a Process (a description of the steps that should inform Practice, and the order in which they may occur) is not clearly defined.

A question we might ponder: if we can make the Policy more explicit and enforce it by automation (e.g. a script to check that compliance), then perhaps a documented Process is less important...




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