ELISA Workshop #6 Topic Idea - Code Coverage analysis for GLibC

Gurvitz, Eli (Mobileye)



- Topic idea: 

Structural coverage analysis is required by Safety standards and that includes Linux and GLibC.

Building GLibC with instrumentation for code coverage analysis (gcov) was not possible in previous versions and is still tricky now.

In this presentation we will describe the process of instrumenting glibc for coverage and the patch to GLibC that we uploaded.

We will also show a hands-on example.

-This work was done as an ELISA mentorship project.


- What you hope to accomplish in the session: 

* Share the knowledge about how to instrument GLibC for coverage

* Provide a hands-on example of how this is done.


- Any critical participants needed for the discussion –

* Eli Gurvitz

* Ashutosh Pandey

- Estimated time needed the sessions: 
medium – 60 minute presentation



Eli Gurvitz


Intel Israel (74) Limited

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