ELISA Workshop #6 Proposals: Development Process Evidence

Lukas Bulwahn

Dear all,

In my interest for collecting development process evidence, I have
been in exchange with Ralf, Wolfgang and Pia, and Basak.

I hope Pia can present on her bachelor thesis:

Title: Maintainers Expectations vs. Maintainers Reality: An Analysis
of Organisational and Maintenance Structure of the Linux Kernel

Abstract: We showed that around 20% of all patches were theoretically wrongly
integrated when strictly analysing MAINTAINERS. The reality of
integration and maintenance structure is more complicated than that,
which we also explored. Furthermore, we identified 12 major subsystems
of the Linux kernel. This is very helpful for an overview of the
organisational structure, realistic grouping of subsystems and further
Linux kernel topology discussions.

Presenters: Pia Eichinger, Ralf Ramsauer, Wolfgang Mauerer (OTH Regensburg)

Also, I hope Basak can present on her on-going master thesis as well:

Updates on Measuring Code Review in the Linux Kernel

Abstract: We deepen the investigation to aggregate data on code review
in various ways to identify similarities and differences in code
review performance and expectations for different subsystems and their

Presenters: Basak Erdamar, Lukas Bulwahn


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