Workshop #6 Proposal - Managing ELISA documentation in GitHub

Paul Albertella


Topic idea:

Short presentation on tools and approaches that ELISA could use to
manage formal document creation in Github, building on the previous
work done by Jochen Kall and John MacGregor for the whitepapers
repository (


Show how the workflow for formal document generation can be hosted in
a GitHub repository, to create documentation that can be:

* Authored with various markup languages (Markdown, ReST, LaTeX, etc),
with contributions submitted via git CLI or directly in GitHub
* Peer-reviewed by ELISA contributors or other Github users
* Managed and approved by maintainers of the repository
* Generated via CI tools hosted in the Github Repo
* Published either on the web (via Github Pages) or as PDFs

Critical participants:

Paul Albertella

Other useful participants:

Peter Brink, Jochen Kall, John MacGregor, Jason Smith

Estimated time needed:

30 minutes for short presentation / Q&A, or possibly 60 minutes for a
longer discussion and planning session to follow.

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