Re: ELISA TSC Meeting - Wed, 04/21/2021

John MacGregor

Search for good MBD / MBSE resources for safety applications and standards interpretation.

- What information is needed?
- Who knows what?
- Does anybody have a recommendation?
- Do we need to pick between the alternatives or can we just take them all?

That being said, I'm pretty short of time to prepare something for tomorrow. An open-ended discussion would suit me fine.



On 20/04/2021 18:33, Shuah Khan wrote:
Hi John,
I will be happy to add an agenda item, however I don't know
what to do add.
If you were distill and summarize your agenda item in one or two
sentences, what would that be?
-- Shuah
On 4/20/21 10:21 AM, John MacGregor wrote:
Hi Shuah,

Now that some safety people are busy like beavers reading 800 page 15-year old books to figure out the Linux internals, maybe it's time to challenge the Linux people as well.

In the last couple of weeks I've had a number of conversations with people rotating around the waterfall model, uml, model-based engineering and the specialities of developing embedded systems.  It might be a good idea to bring everybody up to a uniform level.

I notice that our library knowledge base has no recommendations in this direction.

The project that I worked in before joining SIL2LinuxMP had the goal to "focus on the professionalisation of a cross-domain, model-based development method for embedded systems".  The first phase of the project defined the methodology in a book[1].

Generally we looked at it as being written by a bunch of PhD students who were driven to publish the method du jour and whose understanding of "real life development" was somewhat questionable.  (We did see evidence to that effect.... ).

Although being somewhat of a professed MBD / MBSE atheist, over the years, I've found myself referring to the book.  Much to my chagrin, it's not that bad...  and I can't help thinking in terms that they've defined.

I also wonder if any SE experts in ELISA can't recommend a better book.   It can't hurt to have more than one recommendation.

We could
- take the time tomorrow to discuss this
- discuss this in an email thread
- delegate it to a group of interested volunteers

Your choice.




On 20/04/2021 17:46, Shuah Khan wrote:
We have a full agenda with the upcoming workshop and announcements.

Here is the agenda:

Pending Action/Backlog Review
Working group updates

Please suggest agenda items.

-- Shuah

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