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Gurvitz, Eli (Mobileye)



I agree with Oscar that Peter’s interpretation of section 12.4.1 d) is too restrictive. The qualified component should be developed according to an appropriate national or international standard, but not according to a safety standard.





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To be more precise and clarify the differences.

Validas can (and has done this several times successfully, even with TÜV certificates) qualify

existing SW components that have not been developed according to a safety standard
and without pre-existing documentation (of course we need some requirements) and completely
compliant with ISO 26262-8.11


So anyone: feel free to ask for a strategy talk with me (or listen our podcast about
“Tool & Library Qualification” In any podcast app or the Validas page.





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Sorry to disagree with your vague statements. To clarify:

can you please be so kind refer to the ISO 26262 IDs you are using as a basis for you statements?


Here is 8-12.4.1 to which you probably refer, but which I read differently (less rigorous that what you argue)



Kind regards,



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To Oscar’s point.  If you care planning qualifying an existing software component, ISO 26262 expects that the component was previously developed in accordance with a safety standards and the requisite documentation exists to support any safety claim.  It also expects that the component will be tested as part of the software integration and then included in any vehicle level testing.




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just hat another look into ISO 26262 Part 8-12 Qualification of unchanged components.


Interestingly it refers to ISO 26262 Part 6-9 (Unit Verification).

This means that also the Pre-Existing SW Components have to be unit-tested like the developed Software-Components,

except the simplifications that are stated in 8-12.



And there is a lot written in 6-9. Please feel free to ask.


Kind regards



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