Re: New WG proposal: Safety Engineering Process

Paul Albertella


Update on the proposed name for this new WG:

We discussed Lukas' concerns and alternative name proposals (see below and [1]) in today's Dev Process WG call and agreed to adopt:

Open-Source Engineering Process WG

The plan is to seek formal approval for the new group at the next TSC meeting, which is on the Wednesday 29th September (postponed from 22nd due to Linux Plumbers).



[1] See

On 14/09/2021 17:36, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
My preference on naming, hence, would be on:

- Evidence WG
- Claims on Open-Source Software WG
- Open-Source Engineering Process WG

The name is important, just for newcomers and outsiders not to set the
wrong expectations.
On 15/09/2021 17:06, Paul Albertella wrote:
The consensus in the last Dev Process WG meeting was that the name needed to have the word 'safety' in it (as with the Safety Architecture WG) to make it clear to participants that safety is explicitly in scope for our discussions!
Participants expressed a concern that 'Evidence' and 'Claims', while descriptive of the intended *approach* for the group, do not clearly express its intended *scope* (Claims about what? Evidence of what?). 'Engineering Process' was therefore proposed as the best overall description of this scope.
However, I believe that the intention with the proposed name was to focus on the role of 'Engineering Processes in Safety', as opposed to 'Processes for Safety Engineering', so the name may need a rethink.
Let's discuss this in tomorrow's WG meeting.

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