Re: New WG proposals: Safety Engineering Process, Linux Developers

Lukas Bulwahn

- How can we address those missing aspects to provide a supportive
environment for those who actually design and develop production
[EC] that's what Paul and I are trying to do. 🙂

I currently have only a rough understanding of the blockers from
informal discussions among developers and some managers, but I think
the topics that are blocking contributions are widely spread, and
partly deeply rooted, such as technical knowledge gap or challenging
strategic considerations, such as developing a proper open-source
strategy that includes investments in upstream work.

I would be interested to see if we could create a---potentially
anonymized (under Chatham House Rules))---list of blockers for those
who actually design and develop production systems to effectively
[EC] You are welcome to get this started.
Let us see if there are others that are willing to share their experiences.
I will create a set of survey questions to collect some feedback on
that in a structured way.


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