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Shuah, we have 2 branched email threads now.
See comments and consensus on Philip's suggestion (Linux features for safety-critical systems).
What do you think of that? It is also a combi of 2 and 5.

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Hi Elana,

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Following today's TSC call and discussion, the new WG proposed in <>  has been tentatively approved.  Thanks to all (especially Lukas and Paul) for your support.

See below, the preliminary list of suggested names:

1. Linux Developers
2. Linux features for safety
3. Linux features amenable for safety 4. Safety engineering features
5. Linux-based elements for safety-critical systems
I like parts of 2 & 5.

2 as it talks about features and 5 because it includes the Linux kernel features as well as other Linux ecosystem elements that form the platform/basis for the safety critical systems and environments.
The following describes the scope more clearly.

Linux-based components/elements for safety-critical systems

Assuming Linux = Linux kernel in the context. It is clear to me and hope ii will be clear to others (non-ELISA) as well.

-- Shuah

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