ELISA Open-Source Engineering Process Working Group

Min Yu

Dear all,

Following today's TSC meeting, a new working group, Open-Source Engineering Process Working Group (OSEP) WG https://lists.elisa.tech/g/osep has been formed. 
  • please opt into the OSEP WG mailing list https://lists.elisa.tech/g/osep to participate and contribute to conversations related to this group going forward
  • please add the OSEP's WG's weekly meeting https://lists.elisa.tech/g/osep/calendar to your calendar (a reminder will be automatically sent a day in advance of the meeting)
    • the weekly meeting time (9am Eastern/3pm CET) and zoom link are the same as the Development Process WG
    • Development Process WG meeting calendar invite will be cancelled after this week's meeting
We look forward to your participation in this new WG and your continued contribution to the ELISA project.

Kind regards,
Min Yu
Operations Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1(530) 902-6464 (m)

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