Re: [ELISA Development Process WG] Proposed new WG

Lukas Bulwahn

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 11:29 PM <elana.copperman@...> wrote:

Oh my, this is really "fun". But let's converge on a decision.

So we are down to 3 choices here:

Linux-based components/elements for safety-critical systems
Linux features for safety-critical systems
Kernel elements

I'll give participants a few more hours to express their favorite, although please keep in mind – this is only up to the ELISA workshop, after which we may agree on a new name.

My personal favorite is still #2, further details can (and should) be defined by the mission statement. But feel free to speak up, pro or con any option.
I am also in favor of #2 "Linux features for safety-critical systems"
(long title).

Do not be surprised if people shorten it to "Linux features WG" (that
does not hurt), on the webpage, for the mailing list name etc.

Tool investigation and Code Improvement has been shortened to
tool-investigation@... and we still know what we are
doing? ;)

So, the prize for the best name is soon to be distributed :) ... let
us give it a spin for a few more hours and see.



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