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Lukas Bulwahn

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Thanks, Shuah. Some goals/ideas from my side:

To establish a framework for communication and collaboration between Linux kernel developers/maintainers, safety experts and designers/developers of Linux based safety critical systems. Without broader representation and communication, the work products of ELISA cannot have a context for deployment and acceptance.
ELISA is a project of the Linux Foundation. To leverage this umbrella, learn from its strong points, and help to improve the weaker points towards the long-term goal of integrating Linux successfully in safety critical systems.
Work products (actual kernel patches) which will support the original ELISA mission statement: to define and maintain a common set of elements, processes and tools that can be incorporated into Linux-based, safety-critical systems amenable to safety certification.
I agree with these goals.

However, I have noticed that in the last three years:

- we could not produce a single _published_ result that contains the
information from more than two authors (possibly,, not even more than
a single author... depending what you 'count' as publication).

- I could not understand how the work and ELISA community contributes
or simplifies my (potential and my team's potential) contributions
(e.g., patches) to the Linux kernel. To my understanding, as of now, I
am in a better position to simply ignore the ELISA Project and just
work with the kernel community towards my specific goals. In other
words, ELISA project members have no positive nor negative impact on
my and my team's potential kernel contributions.

This raises the question:

What changes need to happen in our work mode to not continue in the
mode that we ended up in after the first three years of this project?

Just some food for thought,


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Let's meet next week to discuss alignment on goals and what success
looks like. Please respond to this thread to add you 1 or 2 items
you consider important to achieve ELISA goals and make the project

I will compile the items and share the consolidated list before the

-- Shuah

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