Interest in a "Known Issues for Release Notes" (Task-Focussed) Working Group

Lukas Bulwahn

Dear all,

(Using the 'New working group proposal template' from

Proposed working group name

Known Issues for Release Notes Working Group

Proposed WG chair


Proposed meeting schedule

Let us start with a denser schedule, twice a week to get momentum
going. Then once the tasks are clear, we can continue with a shorter
meeting every two weeks or so.

Specific meeting date and time to be determined by vote among
interested participants.

Proposed mission statement

What is the proposed scope of the workgroup? Will it focus on a
specific aspect of the ELISA mission statement, or a specific industry
sector or type of safety use case for Linux?

The goal of this working group is to produce a collection of known
issues of a Linux distribution.
As an example, we may consider collecting known issues for a few base
Debian base packages and the Linux kernel.


Jason proposed to work on some potential quick wins for some users of
Linux distributions.

We want to present a collection of known issues, from existing
databases and resources. The first challenge is to collect and present
the known issues in some way suitable for a discussion and giving a
potential user a chance to understand how to work with such a result.

Planned activities

[What type of activities will the working group undertake? What are
the expected results of these activities and how will these be shared
and managed?]


[What is the expected relationship with other working groups? How will
the new WG collaborate with the existing WGs, and how will this be

Best regards,


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