Re: Interest in a "Known Issues for Release Notes" (Task-Focussed) Working Group

Lukas Bulwahn

On Mon, Feb 21, 2022 at 2:47 PM Elana Copperman <Elana.Copperman@...> wrote:

Jason, the review will only prove (once again) that it is a dead-end to expect Linux to be qualified by any safety standards.

It will not help manufacturers in compliance with those standards because no manufacturer will take responsibility to fix those bugs.

Instead, manufacturers will continue to look for alternative solutions which are more practical.  For example, SOTIF in the automotive domain.


Elana, so any system using Linux cannot be compliant to any safety standard that requires that for a system element based on Linux to present a list of known issues?

If that is the case, we should write a blog post about this! Many engineers may be interested in that line of thought.


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