Re: Linux kernel Regression tracking

Lukas Bulwahn

On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 1:24 AM Shuah Khan <skhan@...> wrote:


Linux kernel regression status is maintained and kept updated
by a community member. You can find the status here:
Thanks, Shuah, for pointing this out.

The statement "A community member is maintaining and keeping this
updated." may raise an interesting and relevant question from
somebody's quality management/functional safety management department:

- Who is funding this community member? (He is obviously not employed
by any larger Linux distributor, such as Canonical, SUSE, RedHat,
Elektrobit, Codethink or WindRiver.)

- Would a proper quality management plan that distributes some Linux
kernel with some kind of quality statement, guided by well-known
quality and functional safety standards, require that this service,
executed by the community member, is continuously ensured and
organisational-robustly established?

- If so and if nobody is funding this work and it is purely on a
voluntary basis, who are the back-up persons that ensure continuation
of this work in case the community member is not available (e.g., due
to illness, vacation, transitioning to other tasks)?

All this may bring us to (some members') expectation on the ELISA Project:

- Why is the ELISA Project---as the organisation representing the
needs of such stakeholders above---not funding this community member,
when this work above is required by any quality management plan guided
by quality and functional safety standards? (To my latest knowledge,
it cannot be the lack of available budget because the surplus budget
is currently transferred to other projects to meet goals that are not
motivated directly by the core requirements of the ELISA Project

Just some food for thought,


-- Shuah

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