Re: Limitations of code quality to ensure safety of modern software

Aggrwal, Poonam

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I jumped in because I found the topic interesting.


The shortcomings of C in comparison to other type safe languages like Java and Rust are being highlighted in security context too.


Although, I am not sure that today’s automobiles’ SW stacks (AutoSAR, Adaptive AutoSAR) use them. They would be pretty much written in C.




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Hi Elana,


Not sure why you directed this to me.  I have always advocated for product and process quality, of which code quality is just one aspect.  The safety of a product, as you say at the end might be compromised by the design, which is why I have been advocating for the quality and safety aspects mentioned above.




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Hi Pete,


I don't know if this contest is still being supported.  But as you can see, it highlights the limitations of C as a programming language.

So that ensuring "quality" of any C-based safety critical system is not easy, even before we get to the limitations of Linux and open source.

Unfortunately throughout my career I have seen plenty of code examples which, although not malicious in the sense of this contest, comply with accepted development/coding/test processes – but are inherently unsafe, sometimes by design.



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