Re: TSC Meeting Agenda - July 13 2022

Ahmann Philipp (XC-CT/PRM1)

Hi Shuah,

I would like to add some topics.

- Contribution to OSS projects with other license than GPL-2.0-only
- Long term activity: CI for ELISA systems WG reference system
- ELISA summit upfront to OSS EU and in person workshop

Best regards,

Philipp Ahmann
Robert Bosch GmbH

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Please see the agenda below for our TSC meeting tomorrow. Please reach out if you have any agenda items to add.

- Events
ELISA Forum on Monday, Sep 12, 2-5pm
In-person Workshop, September 19-20, Manchester, UK @ Codethink office
- WG roundtable
- Meeting recording policy/guidelines
- organize/publish WG results both on github and website.

-- Shuah

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