ELISA Summit 2022 CFP Submission - Call for an ELISA Aerospace Working Group

Evi Harmon

New submission to the ELISA Summit 2022 CFP. Please find below the details.

Email addresssteven.h.vanderleest@...
Type of SubmissionPresentation
Session Length30 minutes (includes 5 minutes for Q&A)
Topic Title / Idea Call for an ELISA Aerospace Working Group
AbstractWe propose a new ELISA working group, focused on aerospace. This will provide several benefits. First, new uses cases. Although some needs for safety-critical software are common across industries, each has unique elements. The two existing industry-focused working groups within ELISA (Automotive and Medical Devices) are formulating use cases that will influence the direction of the technically-focused working groups. While there is broad commonality of concepts and methodology across the safety-critical domains, it is likely that these use-cases will miss some of the needs of aerospace. Thus a new industry-focused working group is needed, one that focuses on avionics flight software and ground equipment such as air traffic management systems. A second benefit of this new working group would be to provide a home for experts from this domain, attracting additional engagement and participation in ELISA. A third benefit is that adding a third safety-critical domain will increase the legitimacy of ELISA.
We propose that this new working group would intentionally avoid duplication of effort where needs are common with the existing working groups. Rather it would commit to creating a new use case that highlights some of the unique needs of aerospace. The aerospace working group would also work to document use and certification of open source software within the aerospace industry, especially use of Linux.
We will present a proposed mandate and description of the new working group, comparing to the existing mandates for the Medical Devices and Automotive working groups.
Audience BackgroundSomewhat experienced with Safety
Experienced with Safety
New to Linux Kernel
Somewhat experienced with Linux Kernel
Experienced with Linux Kernel
What timezone do you prefer to present in?Central US - CDT (-5)
Primary Speaker Information
Primary Speaker Full NameSteven H. VanderLeest
Primary Speaker Job TitleOS Cert Technical Lead
Primary Speaker CompanyThe Boeing Company
What gender does the primary speaker identify with?Man
Does the primary speaker identify as a person of color?No
Is there a co-speaker?Yes
Additional Speaker
Co­-Speaker Full NameMatt Kelly
Co­-Speaker Job TitleChief Engineer
Co­-Speaker CompanyThe Boeing Company
Co-Speaker EmailMatt.Kelly2@...
What gender does the co-speaker identify with?Man
Does the co-speaker identify as a person of color?No
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct - I agree to abide by the Linux Foundation Code of Conduct.Yes

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