Re: Continuing Writing on the ELISA on Problems and Next Steps

Philipp Ahmann

Hello Lukas

I modified my part for "software update problem" from bullet point to text. I performed rephrasing and also put the three next steps from bullet point to text. My intention was to create a complete picture from what is the problem, how is the overall idea to challenge it as a strategy and what will be the first/next steps. I believe by this we can have a heading for the chapter and can remove the headings for the sub chapters problem, strategy, next steps.

I like to hear some feedback, if my overall modifications are going in the right direction, if more content is required or if the level of information is sufficient. Also, if everything I thought about is just rubbish may be useful to know, but in this case kindly provide a why and better ideas.

We should also align on a common style for the whitepaper in the end, so that it becomes consistent (e.g. are we using "we" statements or is it written in neutral style "it"). Do we want similar length/granularity for each problem or are we flexible here?

Best regards

Am Mo., 24. Juni 2019 um 17:10 Uhr schrieb Lukas Bulwahn <Lukas.Bulwahn@...>:

Dear all,

After a week of relaxation, we need to continue writing on our ELISA White Paper on Problems and Next Steps (Battle Plan) that we started on the workshop.

The link below should allow to view and comment on the current draft:

If you would like to edit, please let me know and I will send you personally an email with a link for editing.

I hope that the main authors of the different sections can continue to contribute to the point that their section is ready for review by others in the group, or can comment what they expect that needs further writing for the publication of a first white paper.

I was in the group `Closing the gaps between Safety Standards and Open Source` and will start closing those gaps at the end of this week if nobody else in my group can step up (Ando-san, Nicholas, Oscar?).

I hope for each group, there is at least one person to continue transforming the bullet points into proper English text as far as needed for the publication.

Best regards,


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