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Philipp Ahmann

Hi Ted, Lukas,

has there been some follow up with Jan Kiszka? Have I missed the webinar? I want to start this thread again focussing on the original topic. (It drifted away to the general world of hypervisor and certifiable hardware, but maybe we can try to stay focused on specific topic in this thread)

My understanding is that we never came to the end on what Jan and others are doing with Jailhouse and how far they reached and if a webinar is wished by more than two or three people.

Best regards,

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I sent a mail to Jan and it seems like they are going to resume the process towards certification, so I think Jailhouse is definitely a good candidate.


The second hurdle is to get a certified RTOS and Kate you mentioned that Zephyr is working towards this.

Is it possible to use Zephyr for this purpose? Does it require some asymmetric HW architecture?


The third hurdle is to get someone to get certified HW.

Gabriele, do you know if there is any interest from Intel?





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Hi Lukas,


I would also like to take participate in the webinar,  since I am also convinced that Hypervisors could be used for Safety.





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Hi Ted,


I believe you would need to get in contact with Jan Kiszka. Possibly, we can plan a dedicated webinar on the challenges from him in the beginning of 2020, depending on his availability.





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Hi Lukas,


You mentioned something about that Jailhouse has tried to go through the certification process. Do you know if it would be possible to get hold of the documents and where to get hold of them in that case? I looked at their GitHub but didn’t find anything at a first glance.


BR /Ted

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