ELISA Workshop Fall 2021 CFP Submission - Certification using the 'new approach to safety'

Deb Giles <dgiles@...>

New submission to the ELISA Workshop Fall 2021 CFP. Please find below the details.

Email addresspaul.albertella@...
Primary Speaker Information
Primary Speaker Full NamePaul Albertella
Primary Speaker Job TitleConsultant
Primary Speaker CompanyCodethink
Is there a co-speaker?No
Submission Details
Type of SubmissionPresentation
Session Length60 minutes (includes 10 minutes for Q&A)
Topic Title / Idea Certification using the 'new approach to safety'
AbstractCodethink recently used our 'new approach to safety', which was presented at the last ELISA workshop, to achieve ISO 26262 certification of an open-source tools integration (Deterministic Construction Service) to ASIL D. Paul Albertella describes how this applied the key principles of 'new approach', how open source tooling and practices were used to provide the necessary evidence for certification, how tool qualification differs from a full ISO 26262 certification process, and the expected role of the certified tooling in future work.
Any critical participants needed for the discussion?N/A
Audience BackgroundNew to Safety
Experienced with Safety
New to Linux Kernel
Experienced with Linux Kernel
What timezone do you prefer to present in?UK - GMT (+0)
Code of Conduct - I agree to abide by the ELISA Code of Conduct.Yes