Agenda weekly call - Feb 22 2022


For this week's call, we are privileged to have Wenhui and Ruide from bytedance/TikTok who will help to clarify business requirements for Linux based safety critical applications.

In particular,

  • Linux safety configurations, guarantees and performance tradeoffs.
  • Recommendations for Linux safety configurations in various scenarios:
    • Guest OS in private cloud
    • Guest OS in public cloud
    • Host OS in private cloud
    • Host OS in public cloud
  • Recommendations for Linux safety configurations for OLAP cluster, OLTP cluster, storage cluster (SQL/redis/CDN/etc.), and cloud native cluster.

Wenhui and Ruide will explain the technical context and invite safety experts to provide feedback on what types of considerations are relevant for these use cases.


I am adding other WGs to this meeting, so that people who have an interest in this opportunity can join and learn / provide feedback.