TSC Meeting Agenda - Aug 31 2022

Shuah Khan


Please see the agenda below for our TSC meeting tomorrow. Please reach
out if you have any agenda items to add.

- Any final alignment before Sep events https://elisa.tech/events/?
- Canceling community meetings during virtual Summit Sep 7-8 and Manchester Workshop Sep 19-20?
- ELISA Project Overview deck (Philipp)
- For use during future events including upcoming Sep events
- Up-to-date WG info to include from WG leads (leverage updates WG will provide during virtual Summit)
- Improve the consistency of WG “get involved” info on website https://elisa.tech/community/working-groups/
- TSC and Chair election headsup
- Nomination and election to be held in October
- ELISA mission update? (tracking)

-- Shuah