ELISA Summit - Virtual September 7-8 - Register Today

Min Yu

Join the ELISA Summit next week, September 7-8 (virtual), to learn more about the Enabling Linux in Safety Applications (ELISA) Project and discuss emerging trends and best practices in using open source software in safety-critical applications. 

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4 Reasons to join us: 

  • Safety in Aerospace: ELISA's newest Premier Member, Boeing, presents the need for an Aerospace Working Group that focuses on avionics flight software and ground equipment such as air traffic management systems. Matt Kelly, Chief Software Engineer, and Steve Vanderleest, OS Cert Technical Lead, will lead the discussion. 

  • Automotive Use Case: The Automotive Working Group has made significant progress in their use case of "safe displaying of warning signs on instrument cockpit" also called "telltales." Philipp Ahmann, Product Manager at Robert Bosch GmbH, will present the benefits of the use case and the natural evolution to other automotive use cases like driver assistance features is shown. 
  • Working Groups: The ELISA Project has several Working Groups with different focuses including Automotive, Linux Features for Safety-Critical Systems, Medical Devices, Open Source Engineering Process, Safety Architecture, Systems and Investigation and Code Improvement. The Chairs of each Working Group (leaders from CodeThink, The Linux Foundation, Mobileye, RedHat and Robert Bosch GmbH) will give an overview, update on activities and share ways you can get involved. 

  • Next Generation: ELISA's mentees will give presentations about the work they did over the course of their mentorships including kernel tracing, an analysis of eBPF for safety and trust execution inside secure enclaves. 

Don’t worry about missing a live session: all content will be made available on-demand post-event for all registrants so you can access it anytime! 

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The Linux Foundation
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