ELISA TSC Meeting - 20221102

Ahmann Philipp (XC-CT/PRM1)

Hi all,


most important thing first: Due to winter time change, the TSC meeting tomorrow is 1h earlier (at 14:00 CET) for European participants. For Asia and US time should not have changed.


Please see the agenda below for our TSC meeting tomorrow. Please reach out if you have any agenda items to add.


  • TSC chair election result
  • OSS Japan - ELISA mini summit
  • Monthly WG summary
  • Tracking: ELISA mission review


Link to the meeting notes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PwgmvVtFRh127VrOZNsvV7c5GLTMYsVUe-S9vmqE6Y8


Best regards,



Philipp Ahmann
Cross-Domain Computing Solutions

Robert Bosch GmbH