[ANNOUNCE][CFP] Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel V edition (OSPM-summit 2023)

Kate Stewart

FYI.    This conference might be of interest to some of you.
If you submit and get accepted,  please let Mae know.


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Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel (OSPM-summit) V edition

April 17-19, 2023
Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Facolta di Economia
Ancona, Italy



After a couple of years break, OSPM is back! In a different venue.

The V edition of the Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel
(OSPM) summit aims at fostering discussions on power management and
(real-time) scheduling techniques. Summit will be held in Ancona (Italy)
on April 17-19, 2023.

We welcome anybody interested in having discussions on the broad scope
of scheduler techniques for reducing energy consumption while meeting
performance and latency requirements, real-time systems, real-time and
non-real-time scheduling, tooling, debugging and tracing.

Feel free to take a look at what happened previous years:

 I   edition - https://lwn.net/Articles/721573/
 II  edition - https://lwn.net/Articles/754923/
 III edition - https://lwn.net/Articles/793281/
 IV  edition - https://lwn.net/Articles/820337/ (online)


The summit is organized to cover three days of discussions and talks.

The list of topics of interest includes (but it is not limited to):

 * Power management techniques
 * Real-time and non real-time scheduling techniques
 * Energy consumption and CPU capacity aware scheduling
 * Real-time virtualization
 * Mobile/Server power management real-world use cases (successes and
 * Power management and scheduling tooling (configuration, integration,
   testing, etc.)
 * Tracing
 * Recap/lightning talks

Presentations can cover recently developed technologies, ongoing work
and new ideas. Please understand that this workshop is not intended for
presenting sales and marketing pitches.


Attending the OSPM-summit is free of charge, but registration to the
event is mandatory. The event can allow a maximum of 50 people (so, be
sure to register early!).

Registrations open on February 17th, 2020.
To register fill in the registration form available at

While it is not strictly required to submit a topic/presentation (see
below), registrations with a topic/presentation proposal will take


To submit a topic/presentation add its details to this list:

Or, if you prefer, simply reply (only to me, please :) to this email

- name/surname
- affiliation
- short bio
- email address
- title
- abstract
- 30min or 50min slot

Deadline for submitting topics/presentations is 10th of February 2023.
Notifications for accepted topics/presentations will be sent out 17th of
February 2023.


The workshop will take place at Univpm [1], Universita Politecnica delle
Marche, Facolta di Economia, Ancona, Italy.

The workshop venue is within walking distance [2] from the city center
[3] and in general from the hotels/accommodation suggested below.  You
can reach Facolta di Economia by public transportation, via Conero Bus
[4] (approx one every 10 minutes in rush hours)  from the station (15
minutes to the venue).  A map of the city center with the venue,
transportation and food/drinks places is provided here [5].  A smaller
map locating the Facolta di Economia is also available: How to reach
Facolta di Economia [6].

For flights to Ancona, there are multiple options:

- Flying directly to Ancona airport (direct flights from London Stansted
  and Munich among others) Ancona Airport AOI [7]
  Bus to Ancona city center from the airport Ancona airport shuttle [8]
  Taxi service from Airport AOI to Ancona taxi [9]

- Flight to Bologna airport Bologna airport [10]. From Bologna Ancona is
  reachable by train, tickets purchasable from Trenitalia [11] (destination
  “Ancona Centrale”). Bologna Centrale railway station is connected to
  the airport by Marconi Express [12].

A list of hotels within walking distance from the workshop venue:


1  - https://www.econ.univpm.it/?language=en
2  - https://goo.gl/maps/9GRDxYPnUYuBSh5h9
3  - https://goo.gl/maps/VGHaTsNi4GTgHGSj7
4  - https://www.conerobus.it/
5  - https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=135LJkfG6wq9rO2MoWPV2ofv1I2DfHvc&usp=sharing
6  - https://www.econ.univpm.it/content/how-reach-us?language=en
7  - https://www.ancona-airport.com/en/
8  - https://www.ancona-airport.com/en/passengers/transportation/bus/
9  - https://www.ctftaxi.it/?lang=en
10 - https://www.bologna-airport.it/en/welcome-to-bologna-airport/?idC=62175
11 - https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html
12 - https://www.marconiexpress.it/


Juri Lelli (Red Hat)
Daniel Bristot de Oliveira (Red Hat)
Lorenzo Pieralisi (Linaro)
Tommaso Cucinotta (SSSA)
Adriano Mancini (UnivPM)
Luca Spalazzi (UnivPM)
Stefano Squartini (UnivPM)
Emanuele Storti (UnivPM)