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Helli Lukas

I would like to join on webex on this topic.


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Hi Oscar,


I think for ELISA members, it would especially interesting to understand what the current state and progress is on your tool qualification of gcc, especially in the context of a Linux kernel compilation. I also think that the gcov qualification is interesting in this context as well.


As you probably know, a Linux kernel compilation requires quite some functionality from the gcc compiler. Getting Linux compiled with clang did take years of effort as Linux puts quite some requirements on a compiler, but we are now close to have a second compiler. That might allow another tool qualification strategy.


I do not see that everyone will be able to meet in person in the next few weeks. Should we schedule an online meeting to explain your goal, your approach and the current state?


@all: Who else would be interested in such a webex for the presentation of this topic?


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Hi Lukas, hi all,

It’s many years ago that we presented our ideas about tool qualification in the OSDAL group.

Meanwhile we have evolved to a word wide leading provider of tool qualification kits and provide

Qualification kits for tools, libraries and SEOOCS compliant to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 with our certified qualification process.

We are happy to update you on our recent thoughts and methods how to build a QKit for Linux.

We see three different classes of elements in ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 as part of the “safety architecture”:

-         - Tools

-         - Unchanged/pre-existing software components

-         - Software (SEOOCs)

And we think that Linux requires qualification for elements within all those classes.

So therefore we propose as potential activities for Elisa:

·         * Description of a process for qualification of Linux and Linux applications

·         * safety plan, showing the compliance of the process with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 (including of checks to be performed)

·         * qualification of

o   linux tools for

- compilation, e.g. gcc

-  code coverage measurement, e.g. gcov

-  test automatization, e.g. gtest, gdb

o   Linux libraries , libc, libm, C++stdlibs (as far as needed)

o   Linux components, e.g. kernel, modules

·         * Provide a qualified tool chain to safely develop applications


The following things we have already achieved and can present you within one of our next meetings (in case you are interested)

·         (certified) qualification processes for Tools & Libraries (SEOOCs still open)

·          - QKit for gcc

·          - QKit concept for gcov

·          - QKit for 200 runtime functions of libm, libc

·          - QKit for QKits (adaptable for linux)

So we think there is much to do, but we do already have parts, plans & visions that we like to share with you in case this is interesting for you.


Kind regards,

                Oscar Slotosch


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