ELISA Summit 2022 CFP Submission - Analysis of eBPF for safety use case

Evi Harmon

New submission to the ELISA Summit 2022 CFP. Please find below the details.

Email addressjbi.octave@...
Type of SubmissionPresentation
Session Length30 minutes (includes 5 minutes for Q&A)
Topic Title / Idea Analysis of eBPF for safety use case
AbstractAnalysis of eBPF for safety use case

I will be presenting the work I am doing as part of the LXF/ELISA Mentorship Program.
The program is focused on ebpf and xdp.
On one hand, eBPF is a kernel mechanism that provides a sandboxed runtime environment in the Linux kernel without changing kernel source code or loading kernel modules.
eBPF programs can be attached to various kernel subsystems, including networking, tracing and Linux security modules (LSM).
on the other, eXpress Data Path (xdp) is a technology that enables high performance data communication, bypassing most of the operating system networking stack using eBPF.
I will present an analysis of eBPF for safety, focusing on xdp, and demonstrate how these can be used for safety.
In the process I built or showcase eBPF /xdp tools that do and count how many packets have been accepted, rejected or redirected and how this can be used for tracing.
After this presentation, we hope that system administrators and programmers will consider using this technology to improve on software safety.
Audience BackgroundNew to Linux Kernel
What timezone do you prefer to present in?UK - BST (+1)
Primary Speaker Information
Primary Speaker Full NameJules Irenge
Primary Speaker Job TitleMentee
Primary Speaker CompanyLinux Foundation Mentorship program
What gender does the primary speaker identify with?Man
Does the primary speaker identify as a person of color?Yes
Is there a co-speaker?Yes
Additional Speaker
Co­-Speaker Full NameElana Coperman
Co­-Speaker CompanyMobile Eye
Co-Speaker EmailElana.Copperman@...
What gender does the co-speaker identify with?Woman
Does the co-speaker identify as a person of color?No
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