ELISA TSC Meeting - 30-Nov-2022

Ahmann Philipp (XC-CT/PRM1)

Hi all,

Please see the agenda below for our TSC meeting tomorrow. Please reach out if you have any agenda items to add.

- Review action items from last meetings
- Github open issues and PRs (cont.)
- Discussion: Using github projects to illustrate & structure work
- CI builds using gitlab to trigger ELISA server based build
- Monthly WG summary
- Architecture
- Tool investigation & Code improvement
- Automotive
- Systems
- Not in scope this time: OSEP, Medical, Aerospace
- Promote Aerospace working group meetings

For the TSC WG leads, kindly update the monthly WG summary upfront to the meeting, if possible.

Link to the meeting notes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PwgmvVtFRh127VrOZNsvV7c5GLTMYsVUe-S9vmqE6Y8

Best regards,