ELISA TSC Meeting - 20221116

Ahmann Philipp (XC-CT/PRM1)

Hi all,


most important thing first: Timing for the meeting is back to normal for everybody.


Please see the agenda below for our TSC meeting tomorrow. Reach out if you have any agenda items to add.


  • Review action items from last meetings
  • Ongoing nomination of general member representative
  • Github open issues and PRs
  • Monthly WG summary (focus on OSEP, LFSCS, Medical as not reported last time)
  • ELISA mission statement review (meta discussion, if we need the discussion)
  • AOB


Link to the meeting notes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PwgmvVtFRh127VrOZNsvV7c5GLTMYsVUe-S9vmqE6Y8


Best regards,



Philipp Ahmann
Cross-Domain Computing Solutions

Robert Bosch GmbH