ELISA Workshop Fall 2021 CFP Submission - Project Orientation

Deb Giles <dgiles@...>

New submission to the ELISA Workshop Fall 2021 CFP. Please find below the details.

Email addressopen.john.macgregor@...
Primary Speaker Information
Primary Speaker Full NameJohn MacGregor
Primary Speaker Job Titlen/a
Primary Speaker Companyn/a
Is there a co-speaker?No
Submission Details
Type of SubmissionPlanning Discussion
Session Length30 minutes (includes 5 minutes for Q&A)
Topic Title / Idea Project Orientation
AbstractSince the last workshop, the onboarding effort has progressed in a number of directions.
This session will update the project on the possibility of contributing project-internal content
that provides orientation to the project with respect to:
- project organisation
- project strategy
- "good practices" within the project
It will also present a number of workflows for working with the project's git repositories.
Depending on time and interest, the session may contain a discussion of future directions for the orientation effort.
Any critical participants needed for the discussion?A band of merry men... oops... sorry, political correctness... merry people
Audience BackgroundNew to Safety
Experienced with Safety
New to Linux Kernel
Experienced with Linux Kernel
What timezone do you prefer to present in?Germany - CET (+1)
Code of Conduct - I agree to abide by the ELISA Code of Conduct.Yes