ELISA Workshop Spring 2022 CFP Submission - Discussion: Is there room for an Industrial IoT WG within ELISA?

Naomi Washington <nwashington@...>

New submission to the ELISA Workshop Spring 2022 CFP. Please find below the details.

Email addressphilipp.elisa.project@...
Primary Speaker Information
Primary Speaker Full NamePhilipp Ahmann
Primary Speaker Job TitleBusiness Development Manager
Primary Speaker CompanyRobert Bosch GmbH
Is there a co-speaker?No
Submission Details
Type of SubmissionTechnical Discussion Group
Session Length45 minutes (includes 15 minutes for Q&A)
Topic Title / Idea Discussion: Is there room for an Industrial IoT WG within ELISA?
AbstractThe idea is to discuss, if there is room for an (industrial) IoT work group within ELISA. The framing would consider light weight SOUP safety standards, but focusing on those touch points which are not fully covered by other use case driven WGs.
Assuming we are reaching an arguable SOUP Linux variant state a lot of questions to operate a product are to be considered. They involve license handling (e.g. with SPDX), handling of CVEs, a lot of testing (e.g. with KernelCI), extra long term Kernel updates (e.g. OTA), guidelines how to utilize new hyped technologies (e.g. container, Xen-virtualization), how to manage scalable product variants and more.
A bunch of these topics are already handled in other projects such as AGL, CIP, OpenChain, SPDX, but for creating a mixed-criticality product all these elements need to be linked together for a proper argumentation.
This discussion should settle opinions whether ELISA is a proper place to start such a work group or if there are better communities to reach out.
Any critical participants needed for the discussion?If possible: Kate Stewart & TSC members
Audience BackgroundNew to Safety
Experienced with Safety
New to Linux Kernel
Experienced with Linux Kernel
What timezone do you prefer to present in?Central US - CDT (-5)
Code of Conduct - I agree to abide by the Linux Foundation Code of Conduct.Yes