Google Summer of Code Project Ideas

Lukas Bulwahn

Dear all,

Linux Foundation is participating as Google Summer of Code umbrella organisation and some experts around ELISA, Nicholas McGuire, Julia Lawall, Ralf Ramsauer and me, have put together some student project ideas. Further, Linux Foundation has put together a short news article:

Please help us to spread the word and distribute this with your contacts to universities and students.

Do you have any further ideas? If you are interesting in mentoring a student, please let us know on this mailing list.

Generally, I recommend to keep the description for the student short with the very basic information on the page itself, but then to have a longer description available for later requests by students.
Interested students will start the communication with you and start asking questions, then you reveal more and more information as the discussion goes (with your description at hand).

The students need to hand in a self-written project proposal, and you do not want to make it easy for students to hand-in project proposals that are just copy&paste from the webpage. They should have started to look at the problem and show that they understand it and propose solutions/ideas.

Feel free to distribute and share with others, any ideas around quality assurance/quality assessment/quality measurement of the Linux kernel is of interest.

Best regards,