Kernel Dependability & Assurance MC at LPC

Shuah Khan


The Kernel Dependability and Assurance Microconf has been accepted
for the LCP 2021.

The Kernel Dependability and Assurance Microconference focuses on
infrastructure to be able to assure software quality and that the
Linux kernel is dependable in applications that require predictability
and trust.

Gabriele and I welcome you to submit session proposals in the following
suggested areas. Each session rusn for 30 minutes with a 20 minute
introduction followed by 10 minute Q&A.

- Identify missing features that will provide assurance in safety critical
- Which test coverage infrastructures are most effective to provide evidence
for kernel quality assurance? How should it be measured?
- Explore ways to improve testing framework and tests in the kernel with a
specific goal to increase traceability and code coverage.
- Regression Testing for safety: Prioritize configurations and tests critical
and important for quality and dependability

Please reach out if you have any questions.

-- Shuah