NEW - Systems Work Group

Min Yu

Dear ELISA community,

The ELISA TSC approved a new WG, Systems WG, last week. We're excited to launch this new WG and look forward to seeing other community members like you join force. Please see the Systems WG details below and how you can join in to collaborate. 

WG Description
The Systems WG aims to enable other working groups within ELISA to put their safety claims towards Linux in a wider system context. This is done in the form of a reproducible reference system based on real world architectures, implemented fully based on Open-Source technologies. The Systems WG encourages interactions with other OSS projects, which either also work on their way of enabling safety use cases with Open-Source software or which plan to make use of open-source mixed-criticality system elements as a base for their product lines.

WG Chair
Philipp Ahmann

WG Weekly Meeting
The Systems WG meets every Monday. Please join the group and subscribe to the group's calendar to get the meeting details.

Opt into Systems WG mailing list
  • Log into
  • Click on Subgroups to the left and this will display the list of available subgroups for ELISA 
  • Navigate to the Systems WG
  • Click +Join This Group near the bottom of the page and this will add you to the group.
Subscribe to Systems WG's meeting calendar
  • Login into for the specific subgroup you are interested in
  • Make sure you're subscribed to the Systems WG subgroup (if not, following the instructions above)
  • Click the "Your Calendar" icon on the left:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click the "Subscribe to Calendar" button
  • copy the url that is generated
  • Paste the url using whatever method your calendar reader uses for internet calendar subscriptions (e.g. Other Calendars >> From URL)
We look forward to your participation and contribution to ELISA's newest WG!

Kind regards,
Min Yu
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1(530) 902-6464 (m)