Snapshot of the SIL2LinuxMP work

Lukas Bulwahn

Dear all,


Nicholas McGuire and Markus Kreidl made a snapshot of the current sil2linux repository publicly available here:


git clone https://user:user@.../gitolite/git/SIL2LinuxMP


You can find more repositories of the SIL2LinuxMP project here:


I think the appropriate experts of the various working groups in ELISA will then need to go through this repository to pick the documents for the topics of their interest.


In the future, I will also refer to documents further in this repository that I consider worthwhile for the discussion in ELISA.


Please feel free to have a look.


It has always been structured for the working project team, but not so much clean up and restructuring has happened for outsiders to quickly understand where to find what, so it takes a bit of looking around and searching for the relevant documents.


Best regards,