TSC Meeting (February 16th 2022) discussion summary

Shuah Khan

Thank you all for contributing to the email thread and the discussion
during the meeting yesterday. Please review.

The following two goals have been identified during the discussion:

- Review the results we have so far, and polish them to be published:
This allows us to share the work we have done these past two years.

- Task oriented focus going forward in ELISA WGs:
This will allow us to work towards smaller tasks to completion and
publish results and findings.

TSC Chair thoughts on the plan of action for task oriented WGs activities:
- WG leads can identify tasks based on the input from the community. A small
group of people from the WGs can collaborate to complete the tasks. Tasks
that don't fall clearly under any WG or common across WGs can be handled
under the TSC umbrella.

We have identified the following tasks to get us started:

Task: Roadmap on how to go about safety analysis - meta level instruction
- Start with Lukas has 2018 paper [1]
- Work towards developing a roadmap for safety analysis relevant to ELISA.
- Thank you Kate, Paul, Lukas, Chris for volunteering to work on this task.

Task: Linux in Basic Safety Applications
- Continue the work done so far and some work items need Linux expertise.
- Manual, including general information pertaining to the Linux distribution
like the version/revision and descriptions of APIs, etc.
- Fault Analysis, identifying general risks associated with the use of Linux
and how those risks have been (or should be) addressed
- Design Guide, providing recommendations for appropriate hardware and software
architectures to use for safety applications
- Verification and Validation Report, describing the procedures, methods, and
criteria used to develop and test that Linux distribution prior to its release,
and the results of those tests
- Release Notes, describing any known issues or bugs in that particular Linux
- Shuah & Jason to discuss approach.

Task: Review the spreadsheet that identified responsibilities of System Integrator.
- Refine for publication

[1] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323445105_Certifying_Linux_Lessons_Learned_in_Three_Years_of_SIL2LinuxMP

-- Shuah