Workshop #6 Proposal - Lightning Talk Session

Lukas Bulwahn

Topic: Lightning Talk Session

- For topics you do not know if of interest for the audience
- For small and little contributions and investigations that deserve
to be mentioned, but do not have the depth and impact yet for a full
- For topics you do not want to a lot of effort preparing if nobody cares

Presentation/Announcement is limited to 3 minutes presentation (max.)
and 2 minutes questions (max.). Hard cut offs! We can mute you ;)

Anyone can throw in topics. "No judging on relevance" (if it at least
somehow related to ELISA [or software or so])

Hopefully, presenters can motivate someone to want to know more...
(that can then be split off individually...)

Deadline for Lightning talks is 10 minutes before the session, so you
really cannot be too late for submission unless the session passed :)
But first come first serve.

Submission by short email with subject line prefix "Lightning Talk:"
and some title (no abstract needed) to this mailing list and/or to my
personal email.

We had some experience with that in the May 2020 workshop. Let us try
it once again.

Looking forward to (m)any topic proposals.

Critical participants: No one

Estimated session time: short (20 minutes), depending on topics proposed

Please schedule for late on the second day or late on the third day;
to allow late submissions even during the workshop.