Workshop #6 Proposal - Cybersecurity Expectations in the Automotive World

Min Yu

ACSMS, ISO 21434, UNR155, UNECE WP.29 and ASPICE 4.0 – the whole alphabet of Cybersecurity Expectations in the Automotive Industry
The new UNECE regulations expect continuous Cybersecurity Management for vehicles across the whole life cycle. This covers concept phase, production as well as operation and decommissioning. Seldomly a new type approval regulation had so immense impact on the industry as WP.29. The upcoming ISO 21434 known as “Road vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering“ sets a new industry standard like it was once with ISO 26262 in the context of Safety.
This talk shall provide an overview upon the regulations and standards at the horizon and explain their effects on the creation and operation of Cars in the future. Some of the aspects which might be especially interesting in the context of applying Linux based solutions in modern cars, are picked up for discussions.
About the speaker:
Andreas Gasch is working in the System Architecture team of Elektrobit Automotive. As certified VDA A-SPICE Competent Assessor, Functional Safety Engineer and Volkswagen Group “Software Quality Improvement Leader” he not only supported in the past the path of  Cyber Security Start-Ups into the Automotive world, but is also member of workgroups for defining the next generation of Automotive SPICE and setting up regulations for Automotive Cybersecurity Audits.

Estimated time needed for the session:
60 minutes
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