Re: "Pseudo-DIA" between the Linux Kernel Development Community and its Users

Kate Stewart

Hi Lukas,

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Hi Elana,


Regarding the “template of a suitable Pseudo-DIA”, I think we need to ensure that Jochen’s columns (“the template”) covers my five points:


  a. a specification of the scope, i.e., the development of an item or element

  b. a definition of two parties involved in the development of that scope

  c. description of activities

  d. assignment of activities to each party,

  e. evidences that the assignment meets the actual reality of executed activities among the two parties

  f. description of resulting evidence or work products that need to be created by one party and provided as input to the other party for further activity.


I believe a. and b. can be generally covered and does not need a further column.


From my memory on Management Aspects, one proposal could be to split:


“Observed Execution of Linux Kernel” can be split into “Activity executed by Linux Kernel Development Community”; “Evidences from that execution”; “Activity needed to be covered by the User”; “Interface (artefacts) between Community and User”.

I think we need to agree on suitable column names for that and we could then adjust the tables accordingly. Jochen, Kate and I can try to figure this out for the Management Aspects.

Just so I'm clear here,  this would be a new document, or would it be a refactoring of the one that Jochen and I were working on?

Thanks, Kate





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Thanks to all for your inputs and feedback.

Lukas - can you put together a template DIA based on these conclusions, and store in Google docs?

It would be good to see a list of specific responsibilities for each party (Linux developer vs "user"), going beyond the definitions already discussed.  




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Hi Lukas,

Most other safety standards (that I deal with at least) don't address the specific problem areas of volume manufacturers who rely on suppliers to supply and/or develop parts of their safety-critical systems.  A significant part of the group also doesn't have that background either.  That's why I sent the email with the links before the telco.

Simply understanding how a DIA works in a normal supply chain (i.e. without open source)  might be a good first step.  I mean which divisions of labour (and responsibility) are possible and what the obligations and responsibilities would be for both customer and supplier  to achieve a seamless chain of evidence sufficient to satisfy a safety case might be a good first step (although, given my obvious bias, I might also say qualifying for QM rather than satisfying a safety case ;-) )



BTW, if you post the document on the ELISA Tech Google Drive, we could put our comments there as well.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

 John MacGregor

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> The quick question after the meeting today:
> Where is more explanation needed?
> More explanation on the abstract description of the concept of a "Pseudo DIA"
> (maybe someone has a better word?)?
> Or should I provide some more examples of potential activities, how they may be
> described as split between the two organizations, and how the overall argumentation
> of fulfilling a procedural requirement can be described in such a way where the
> activities are split among Kernel Community and User?
> Do you have some specific process step in mind that might serve as a good
> example? I am happy to pick those suggestions and try to describe that as a
> Pseudo-DIA example.
> Lukas

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