Re: "Pseudo-DIA" between the Linux Kernel Development Community and its Users - 0/5

John MacGregor <john.macgregor@...>


Elana asked me a while ago whether I had anything to add to the information contained in the links for the last telco.

I did. Quite a bit actually I guess. I started with an omnibus answer and then decided to break it up into digestible chunks, which might be better discussed on separate e-mail threads.

After a couple of days work, I've finished the first draft of the set, but I still need to proofread everything and check some facts. I keep discovering implications as well. But, I've also run out of time and steam.

I sent the draft to Lukas and he suggested that I put the first e-mail on the list to get the discussion started. It's not in bad shape. There's probably enough there for a telco slot, when taken in combination with the links I sent (repeated below).

Now, you may have some homework for the next telco. ;-)




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