Re: "Pseudo-DIA" between the Linux Kernel Development Community and its Users - 2/5 We're talking about an Operating System here

Lukas Bulwahn

Hi John,

Yes, but there is an interface between the downstream integrator and
the kernel community (between 1. and 2.&3.). Is a DIA needed for that or
something else?
(See discussion above).

If we resolved the one point above, we have enough material to
document this email thread in report form, and see where it fits into
the description of a reference process.
I think we're d'accord for this thread. I might want to revisit exactly what a DIA
is, but I'd foreseen that for the 5th veil.. where the DIA is standing in all its
beauty in front of us....

Hopefully I'll remember it then. On to the 3rd veil, although I'm not sure that
it makes sense before the workshop.
And I will not have time for write-up of this conclusion of this email thread before and during the workshop. I have enough action items from this email thread to have a productive week of writing.

I would love to see at least short "Acked-by: XYZ <xyz@...>" from some others on the mailing list that we document the development process at large and the interfaces and scope is valuable, and roughly correct to their understanding.


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