ELISA (Enabling Linux in Safety Applications) Bringing Safety-Critical Software Summit to Embedded Open Source Summit - CFP Deadline February 10th

Min Yu

Dear ELISA Community Members,

ELISA is bringing Safety-Critical Software Summit https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-open-source-summit/about/safety-critical-software-summit/ to Embedded Open Source Summit June 27-30 in Prague and Virtual. The Safety-Critical Software Summit brings together safety experts and open source developers to enable and advance the use of open source in safety-critical applications.

The CFP deadline is fast approaching, February 10th: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-open-source-summit/program/cfp/

We welcome you to submit a speaking proposal for the following topics: 
  • Open source software interaction with safety standards
  • Best practices to work with regulatory authorities when using open source
  • Best practices for security updates to safety-critical systems
  • Safety engineering applied to open source projects
  • Quality assessments based on data from development
  • Development of technical features with safety relevance
  • Safety analysis approaches and methodology to apply to systems
  • Case studies of existing use of linux in safety-critical domains
  • Other ideas are welcome
If you're interested in speaking, please submit your speaking proposal https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-open-source-summit/program/cfp/ by Februray 10th.

Please also help us spread the word about this new event in your network.

We look forward to gathering many of you in the safety and open-source community in Prague this June.

Min Yu
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1(530) 902-6464 (m)