ELISA Aerospace Working Group Launched - please join to collaborate

Min Yu

Thank you for subscribing to the ELISA mailing list and following the various Working Group activities by joining their respective subgroups.

I wanted to let you all know that ELISA now has a new Working Group, Aerospace Working Group to develop use cases to inform and influence Linux architecture and related tools, work to derive technical requirements for avionics operating systems, and seek to enhance and expand avionics software lifecycle processes, practices, and tools to enable use of Linux in avionics systems that are certified to high design assurance levels. 

The Aerospace WG Chair, Steven H. VanderLeest, gave a talk when proposing this working group during the ELISA Summit in September. You can watch the recording here https://elisa.tech/blog/2022/10/12/elisa-summit-call-for-an-elisa-aerospace-working-group/.

We're looking for those who are interested in joining this Working Group to collaborate. To get started, please join the Aerospace Working Group mailing list so you can receive communications by following the instructions below:
  • Go to https://lists.elisa.tech/g/main
  • Click on Subgroups to the left and this will display the list of available subgroups for ELISA 
  • Navigate to the ELISA | Aerospace WG subgroup
  • Click +Join This Group near the bottom of the page and this will add you to the group.
We look forward to your participation and contribution.

Kind regards,
Min Yu
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1(530) 902-6464 (m)