Telltale FFI Analysis: some questions...

Gabriele Paoloni

Hi Jochen, all

In the arch wg we are kicking off the FFI analysis for the Telltale Use case ( 
So there is some support that we would require from your side guys:
1) Active communication channels between the safety app and the QM(B) or NSR Apps. Right now I see that there is a FIFO between the safety app and the msg generator:
However this is a make-up for the communication between the external safety monitor and the safety app, right? If so we should neglect this....
Apart from that is there any inter-process communication mechanisms between the Safety App and any other process that we should consider?

2) Do we assume the safety app WTD to be dedicated to it or shared with other processes?

3) Is there a way to identify syscalls and other entrypoints (e.g. exception/interrupt handlers) invoked by QM(B) as well as NSR applications running concurrently with the safety app?